Horse Racing Testimonials, What our Customers are Saying

Just a quick email to let you know that I had a great day's betting today with 2 big winners; 'Record Score' ($24.20) & 'Willowview' ($22.40). Your odds were displayed at $3.30 & $4.70 so these were terrific overlays; I only wished I had now backed them more than the $20 I placed! Oh well, can't really complain considering I did make a nice $900 profit for 6 mins work!! Please keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to being a member for many races (and years) to come!

Phill O (5721)Melbourne, VIC Australia

After leaving the navy 6 years ago I decided that there might be the possibility of making some tax free dollars on the horses and supplementing my pension. Alas every system I tried and spent good hard earned money on turned to custard. Finally I found your site and boy has it made a difference [this seems to be a common phase ;-) ]. Whilst I am nowhere a millionaire from horse betting I am in front and all credit goes to you and your team. Keep the good work up and I would recommend your service to anyone wishing to get accurate and easy to read data.

Artie H (3475)Canberra, ACT Australia

Great day with 3 winners from 4 bets all would be considered good overlays. 12 winning days from 14 over the last month who can complain at that. The consistency at which the top rater keeps coming in at good odds at times astonishes me... my strike rate is 29.5%. Thanks again.

Les P (2040)Swan View, WA Australia

Hi Guys, thank you, thank you , thank you, for offering access to the ARIS staking plan. I have been a member for quite a while since I retired, and decided to make punting a pastime activity. I recently decided to obtain the ARIS spreadsheet and boy has it made a difference. I have achieved 33% POT since I found out how to stake. All the best and keep up the good work.

William F (902)Nth Manly, NSW Australia

What a service your people are providing three melbourne trebles in the last five weeks including one paying over 6,800 dollars a great day yesterday the melb treble and the icing on the cake reactive rated by your service as a 7.00 chance and paying 70.30 on unitab unbeleivable.

Paul F (897)Mt Louisa, QLD Australia

Having been a newcomer to horse racing I have been conservative in my approach. I have been very impressed with the tips posted each day from horse racing tips and have used them in conjunction with my own selections with very good results. I have also being following your tips for quinellas and trifectas with excellent results. I do refine the selection criteria for each race. The results are based on using the first four horses selected and putting a $1 bet (total $24), the results are very good (about $3000 profit [so far] - 30% success rate)... Again your service is the best on the net.

Peter M (350)Albion, QLD Australia

I would just like to congratulate you on your free form. It is excellent for picking winners and is simple to use. Unfortunately as I dont have much money at present this is the only area I can use. I am a shift worker so just use it to break up the day. And as I am usually brain dead from work it is an excellent quick form analysis.I have had some very good little wins by allocating points for where a horse is mentioned in each of the areas. Good luck I hope you continue to grow and prosper, because if you do then I will have access as a spasmodic punter.

Phillip Z (804)Foster, VIC Australia

As a Kiwi not familiar with or having ready access to Australian form and statistics I found Horse Racing Tips excellent value for pointing me in the right direction, especially with trifectas. All that's needed is patience.

Brian Impson (83)Hamilton, New Zealand

Have been utilising Horse Racing Tips for some months now and find their winner strike rate extra good, seven days a week. Would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Harold H (6)Australia

Thank you for the work you are putting into your site. All other sites on the net which also put forward a number of selections per race and brag how good they are when one of the selections win, have never in my experience made long term profits. You can not bet on all their selections, for over the long term you will certainly loose your money. I admit that I have over the years while searching for the holy grail of a winning formula. The biggest problem has been which selection do you place your money on. Well the answer comes through loud and clear with your selections, the one with the greater value. For the first time in years I am finally coming out in front with my betting strategies along with your selections. And for anyone reading this note, sign up, as there is no over pricing, the information is top rate and if you’re astute enough to use that information well, you will make a profit over the long term.

Graham H (39)Bayswater North, VIC Australia

I must say that I am very satisfied with your services, and following your methods, I am making nice returns at a rate of 25% and an average dividend of $5.85. Thankyou for all help thus far and excellent service you provide.

Mark B (868)Randwick, NSW Australia

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